Windows Phone is attracting more and more developers

Saroj Kar | December 31st

Native development for mobile platforms requires proficiency in several programming languages. For each mobile OS, the developer is encouraged to create a specific application, which generates additional costs and does not facilitate the maintenance of these applications.  HTML5...»

DevOps into 2014: The biggest challenges for DevOps next year (Part 2 of 2)

Kyt Dotson | December 27th

In the first part, we discussed the practical adoption of DevOps practices (and the potential pitfalls of failing to instance them properly) as well as how the market right now is being flooded with new ideas and...»

DevOps into 2014: The biggest challenges for DevOps next year (Part 1 of 2)

Kyt Dotson | December 26th

The highly adaptive and fast-paced schedule of deployment and development of the service-based and application software market has driven companies to push hard for faster-and-faster cycles. This in turn has put a strain on the humans behind the...»

Microsoft’s ‘compiler as a service’ project Roslyn emerges from stealth

Saroj Kar | December 25th

Most compilers currently are black boxes--they make the source code into object files or assemblies in a sort of "code goes in, executable comes out" fashion. The purpose of “Roslyn Project” from Microsoft is to open the Visual...»

Linkify looks to improve mobile search, announces SDK beta for iOS platform

Saroj Kar | December 25th

If you try to search the web on the mobile, smartphone users still find the mobile search experience woefully inadequate. Even the newest smartphones and tablets don’t provide people an easy way to search and, despite all the...»

Hadoop rises and becomes stronger with native R programming support

Saroj Kar | December 24th

[caption id="attachment_137297" align="alignright" width="240"] Illustration by Michael Capozzola[/caption] Hadoop just gained a new tool. The company Revolution Analytics (RA) modified its package for statistical analysis of Revolution R Enterprise 7 (RRE 7), so that the R language...»

Ask DevOps: What expertise should a software developer have in SQL?

Saroj Kar | December 24th

With the vast arrays of platform, programming language, and technology choices available today, it can be very difficult for software developers to figure out where to best invest time in training skills. Most often the question asked is...»

HP Discover DevOps Round Up: OpenStack services for the IT operations and application management

Saroj Kar | December 23rd

The HP Discover event from 10 to 12 December is again shown all kinds of IT know-how in the Spanish metropolis and celebrated the megatrends--big data, cloud, converged infrastructure, security and risk management etc. HP Discover...»

Developers get access to free virtual machines with IE 11 on modern.IE

Saroj Kar | December 19th

Like all those involved in web development know, making a website compatible with all browsers from older versions of IE to modern browsers, is tremendously difficult task. Even more difficult can be to test the development work on...»

DevOps into 2014: The cloud will be a huge driver of innovation and progress

Kyt Dotson | December 19th

It’s the end of 2013 and the year is closing out on an industry that has discovered that the nature of DevOps is a multi-layered highly-channeled experience that has been changing the face of IT and development. DevOps relies...»