Social network giants introduce WebScaleSQL, the scalable and customizable MySQL database

Saroj Kar | March 31st

Databases are used to manage information and to make programs available. These include meta-data such as user. They can also be searched by certain criteria and are useful in statistics and data analysis. MySQL...»

The cloud first SQL Server 2014 coming in April with in-memory and cloud capabilities

Saroj Kar | March 27th

Two years after the arrival of SQL Server 2012, which focused on the analysis of data in memory and the cloud, Microsoft is ready for next iteration of the RDMBS database. The general availability of SQL Server 2014...»

Ubuntu releases Juju Quickstart and Charm bundles to deploy, integrate and scale services instantly

Saroj Kar | March 26th

The growing adoption of Ubuntu Server has accounted for Canonical's one main reason to focus on development concerning the integration of various components (the OpenStack hypervisor, the distributed filesystem Ceph and orchestration suite...»

Red Hat turns a little more to business with Ruby, Nginx and MongoDB support

Saroj Kar | March 25th

Red Hat Software Collections response to changing needs of developers, provides access to newer, updated and reliable versions of popular dynamic languages ​​and open source databases. This allows organizations to develop software faster...»

How aims to use natural language processing to transform IoT

Saroj Kar | March 25th

Understanding natural language is becoming an increasingly commonplace goal within the tech industry. Software built around these new technologies is changing our lives. These new systems are enabling our personal devices to better...»

Embarcadero Appmethod: a new cross-platform IDE for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X

Saroj Kar | March 24th

Embarcadero Technologies is best known for its software development tools and database, even if the company also offers solutions for system modeling. With a new integrated development environment (IDE), the company hoping to...»

Google is shaping AngularJS 2.0 as a future framework for mobile apps

Saroj Kar | March 24th

The next version of AngularJS is currently in a design and prototype phase. Nevertheless, Google has announced where the journey is going. As per Google, AngularJS 2.0 is a framework for mobile apps....»

Google to take developers help to create armada of Android wearables with Android Wear

Saroj Kar | March 21st

Confirming the rumors in recent weeks and after having monopolized the smartphones and tablets sectors, Google is planning to conquer the market for wearable devices such as smartwatches and smartbands. Ahead of the release of Apple’s much rumored “iWatch”...»

Google reaches out to Apple developers with cross platform gaming support

Saroj Kar | March 20th

Google’s gaming ambitions took another step forward. The search giant Android team is attending the 2014 Game Developers Conference, where it announced a new version of Google Play...»