City of Paradigm: The Big Data DevOps of customers and user experience

Kyt Dotson | March 20th

Bell angled the spacecraft slightly to sling around one of the larger asteroids displayed on the viewscreen. The radar on the right looked clear, but it also made the giant, spinning rock appear further away. Objects on radar...»

Is MapReduce merely a new implementation of old ideas writ to scale?

Saroj Kar | March 19th

Big Data as an industry buzzword doesn’t appear to be fading in popularity any time soon. Big Data is more of a business problem and everyone agrees with the Big Data definitions currently in use that ...»

Python 3.4.0 release introduces PEP 450 integration and new modules

Saroj Kar | March 19th

After around 18 months of development, Python 3.4 has been released. There were no new language changes for this release, but there were many new features in the...»

Samsung uses Xamarin to strengthen Knox development

Saroj Kar | March 18th

Last year, McAfee said it had discovered 17,000 new malware suspects on the Google platform in just the second quarter of 2013. A problem that obviously concerns Samsung, the largest manufacturer of Android...»

YTS to take over Popcorn Time development

Mellisa Tolentino | March 17th

Many people say the best way to enjoy watching a movie is in the theater, but not everyone has the time or money to do that, and some just don't like leaving the comforts


Google Chrome Web Store is upgraded to offer monetization options for developers

Saroj Kar | March 14th

As a developer, you should spend as much time as possible in the creation of good content and services, and not need to manage your overheads. To facilitate developers with monetizing their extensions and themes, Google has launched...»

Orchestrated IT solutions leader Serena Software has found a new home

Saroj Kar | March 13th

HGGC Capital, private equity firm, will take over the long turnaround of enterprise software developer Serena Software. The private equity firm has partnered with Serena Software’s founder, Doug...»

Oracle bets big on Java SE 8 with Project Lambda

Saroj Kar | March 13th

Java has had plenty of bad press in recent years because of security issues. The upcoming release of Java has already been delayed, which was schedule to release September last year. But Java...»

JXcore: The V8 engine supported multithreading programming language

Saroj Kar | March 12th

With the V8 JIT compiler, Node.js can interpret scripts in JavaScript and is protocol-independent, can use HTTP to serve HTML pages or other protocols for other types of...»

Splunk and Tableau combine to provide real-time data access

Saroj Kar | March 12th

Splunk and Tableau are among the hottest sellers in the area of ​​big data, machine-to-machine communication and data visualization. The two companies have now announced a partnership. Splunk,...»